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Ballast suppliers

Ballast is a construction material that applies in all projects. It is as a result of gravel rocks shaped into suitable sizes to suit the requirement. It is not formed by just any old rocks. The rock must meet some requirement qualify as a gravel rock.

Types of gravel rocks.

Granite rocks: It has to be mined before being taken to a quarry for crushing. They are very hard and hence cannot be crushed with pressure. They are also very attractive making them suitable for driveways and walking paths.

Limestone and dolomite: The two minerals are found together. They also need to be crushed into smaller pieces to form gravel. It is allowed to use mix the two during constructions.

Crimsons gravel: It is naturally occurring in mixed colors that include pale inks, reds, and blacks. This is one of the factors that contribute to its wide use as a decorative material.

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Common uses of ballast

ballast supplies

ballast supplies

 In case of an over estimate in gravel, no need to throw it away. There are a  million uses of gravel am sure you would love.

  • Strengthens buildings foundations. This is achieved by mixing cement, sand water and ballast proportionally.
  • Colored gravel is very attractive if added into an aquarium. The beautiful colors add life to your aquarium
  • Slip-free floors. This is best achieved by using river stones. Such floors are suitable for bathrooms and near sinks.
  • Mini walls for gardens. Ballast is eye catching in making small flower gardens fences in a compound.


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