Trucks acquired by fractional ownership

C 100 INVESTMENT is a product unique to Truckers Sacco aiming to create, maintain and grow wealth for its members who might not be able to raise the cash required for participation in the fractional ownership product which stands at Ksh 325,000. Click here for more information about the fractional ownership so that you can join us and invest in trucking from a point of knowledge.



In 2015 Kenya was been ranked sixth among top 10 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa with large populations living in extreme poverty with 18 million people below the poverty line. We have taken it upon ourselves to fight poverty among our members by pooling our resources in order to realize this goal.

C 100 INVESTMENT is a voluntary investment group that challenges you to save and invest daily or monthly (for the ones relying on monthly salary). A member is only added if one has purposed to save Ksh 100 daily/ksh 3,000 monthly to Truckers Sacco Business Number 876400 or 932236. You cannot be a member of this group if you don’t participate in the saving challenge.

How C 100 WORKS

Those taking the challenge Send Daily savings Ksh 100 or pay Ksh 3,000 in advance to pay bill No. 876400 or 932236, Account C100. You will always be paying your money to account C100, the money will be credited to your account which is linked to your phone number. By sending cash to C100 investment account, you agree to the terms and conditions of this investment. Click here to see terms and conditions.


Aim: Creating, maintaining and growing wealth for members

Work plan:  saving, investing, creating, growing, and maintaining the wealth.

Target; 10,000 active members

Period: 4 years investments to start after 1 year of saving

C100 Work Plan

Monthly   Accumulation   Ksh 3,000

12 Monthly   Accumulation   Ksh 36,000

Minimum Sacco saving Ksh1000/month (a priority thus if a member contributes to the investment without paying the monthly minimum contribution automatically ksh 1000 will be deducted from the investment account)

First year minimum investment will be 24000/per person

When we reach our target of 10,000 participants, we shall be able to invest every month and share dividends in the second year.


  • You can borrow soft loans by phone (Dial *699*1000# to see how much you qualify).
  • You qualify for a loan before 6 months (After 30 days of faithful saving, if you are a full member)
  • Long term investments hence long term dividends
  • Low investment amount payable in easy instalments
  • High returns
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