Cargo transportation services

Transport logistics

cargo transportation services

Cargo transportation truck

We are a transportation trucking logistics company dealing with trucks ranging from one tone and above. transport services company Truckers Kenya offers General Cargo Transportation services of all legal goods in Kenya and in Africa. We are the “ask for transport” firm with sufficient experience and exposure in the field.

With the advance in technology, the industrial sector has had hyperactive growth. Transport has played a big part in globalization be it in supplies or deliveries.

Many have been victims of intermediaries in transport sector. This has risen a million and one complains ranging from delays to fraud. Brokers, who do not own trucks, must create a language that would sound appealing to the listener, but save yourselves from thinking of the inconveniences and the expenses attached to them. They are people who cannot fit in your budget and therefore very unpredictable. They leave no traces and therefore no reputation to take care of. Truckers Kenya having heard the pain of a common developing man has taken the step to break this chain for good.

Cargo transportation services

We offer trucking services, cargo transport services, transport logistics, long distance transport of cargo from one point to the other, be it from the port to the airport or from one part to the other. We also offer transport of perishable goods by our refrigerated trucks

cargo transportation services

Refrigerated cargo transportation truck

Building materials like sand, ballast, stones and quarry dust are best dealt with in this company. We know where to source and deliver good quality and quantity without involving brokers. With excavators in our system of operation, we go a step further and render dumping services and advice.

Being well supplied with a variety of trucks, we are in a better position to aid clients in transportation of both containerized and un-containerized goods. This is because we enjoy good will from a list of trucking companies and individuals who are part of us.

You now have a chance of dealing with the owners formally and directly through truckers Kenya. Other than being a call away, Truckers Kenya has fully embraced the advancing technology which evident from their computerized recording to the efficient facilities in operation. Transportation has never been these easier!