Internship is a temporary job training mostly offered to college students. The offer is in all fields of practice and depending on the nature of the organization, interns can be paid, unpaid or they could be the ones paying the organization.

The program consists of an exchange service, that relates the intern with the organization. It also helps the student familiarize with the career and weigh if they are capable and interested to follow that path. For students, internships are good to associate with the class work as it works as the practical part of the lessons.


Internships as stated earlier can be paid or unpaid. For interns working on stipends basis are paid a defined amount on monthly basis while others are paid at the end of the internship period. Under normal circumstances, internships last for three to four months but depending on the organization, they could be shorter or longer. Internships could also be work internships or research internships.

Truckers Kenya as a company has all the departments starting from accounts to cleaning. As it seeks for expansion, the community is encouraged to participate by volunteering their services. This is by taking advantage of the platform Truckers Kenya is offering to people with qualifications to participate in their respective fields.  This includes people practicing in field like:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Costing
  • Cleaning services
  • Debts recovery
  • Banking e.t.c


These vacancies are not limited to any gender as long as they are of working age as required by the law of Kenya. The company is a legal employer and does selection from practicing members when vacancies arise.

We invite those that want to learn about our operations and later participate in marketing every Monday and Friday. Arrive in our offices by 8 am for orientation and we leave by 10 am.