Invest in trucking.

Invest in trucking.

Investing in trucking at this time in Kenya is the best move you can make. Anyone looking for a stable investment should look at investing in Truckers Kenya. Many counties are developing their infrastructure now and this may continue for the next ten years or more. The rise of real estate businesses and rise in demand for housing is another factor to consider. The discovery of oil, coal and the opening up of arid and semi-arid areas has increased the demand for Trucks especially tippers and refrigerated trucks.  This is a clear indication that you can never go wrong investing in truck business. We in Truckers Kenya are providing you with an opportunity to invest any amount available to you so that your savings can work for you.

Invest with Truckers Kenya

Truckers Kenya has made it easier to invest in tuck business through their unique Truck fractional ownership program. Click on the link below to learn more about the program . Operating as a company will eliminate problems that affect operations of an individual, and therefore enjoy the advantages of large scale. Investors and Entrepreneurs like you place their money with Truckers Kenya for acquisition of assets for use in the transport and construction industries on their behalf. Proceeds from use of the asset(s) is then distributed to the investors on a prorated basis. Click here to learn more on how it works.

I came across this article from Finance Training Society. . I agree with them almost about everything but more about trucking companies and independent truckers. Truckers Kenya was formed because of the same challenges indicated in their article. They therefore brought together the best and most experienced brains in the transport sector in the country because they understood companies would be more stable and stronger than individuals.

Kenya Economy like most African economies rely on road transport. The article also indicates that the American economy runs on the back of an 18-wheeler.  I can therefore tell you confidently that Truckers Kenya will continue to grow year after year. Investing in trucking means that you will be getting involved in one of the best investments in Kenya. Invest now with the trucking future.

Your future is here!

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  1. Elly says:

    I own a Tipper which was purchased under Asset financing.The problem I’m facing is getting jobs which can sustain the loan repayements.So my concern is whether your organization is in a position to get jobs for the trucks.Please let me have that assurance as I plan to join

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