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Truckers Sacco

Fractionally owned truck

Join us and grow with us by investing in Truckers Sacco and enjoy good returns from your input. Our idea is unique, well paying, sustainable and the first of it’s kind in Kenya. Click here to learn more about fractional ownership. We have come a long way with fractional ownership growing together with our members and we are glad to introduce the all time affordable fractional ownership product known as C 100 INVESTMENT.  Click here for more information.

Invest in asset purchase

You now can own a truck/ equipment jointly with Truckers Kenya with as little as Ksh 100 daily or Ksh 3,000 every month and enjoy huge returns as joint owners  as professionals do the management for you. Believe it or not this is happening, we have reduced the amount you can invest to be affordable by the least earning investor. Click on c100 for more information.

Traditionally most people in Kenya believe that the surest investment is in land. With changing times, availability and access to land has become more and more of a challenge. This challenge is especially severe for the young people. We at Truckers Kenya believe that it is now time to look to us for opportunities. One such opportunity is in the transport and construction sectors. Traditional approach for investment in this sector has involved large capital outlays to acquire construction and transport assets. Once again this leads to a major challenge for most Kenyans. This is one reason why there is a proliferation of small businesses which hardly give reasonable returns. We in Truckers Kenya are providing you with an opportunity to invest any amount available to you so that your savings can work for you. This means that you can invest as little as 100/= daily or as much as you can afford or even bring your tipper to us for management and get a reasonable regular income from it.

Here is how it works.

Truckers Kenya

If you want to walk far, walk with us

Truckers Kenya is a limited company bringing together the best and most experienced brains in the transport sector in the country. Transport and construction industry have been demonstrated to be the most dominant driver for economies across the globe and indeed Kenya is no different. Investors like you place their money with Truckers Kenya for acquisition of assets for use in the transport and construction industries on their behalf. Proceeds from use of the asset(s) is then distributed to the investors on a prorated basis. This is achieved through aggressive and innovative marketing strategies as well as taking advantage of existing gaps in supply and marketing of building and construction materials. We in Truckers Kenya ensure that your savings bring in a regular income while protecting your investment. Join us today and invest in a truck, an earth moving equipment or any other construction equipment for a brighter investment future. Remember that Truckers Kenya believes that your future depends on the decision you make now.

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