KeNHA Truckers Sacco self regulating programme

KeNHA Truckers Sacco self regulating programme

KeNHA Truckers Sacco agreement was reached to mutually benefit the two institutions and their members. Truckers Sacco members have agreed to comply to axle load limits, In return, Kenya National Highways authority has agreed to allow tolerance at the weighbridge due to variation of load.

KeNHA Truckers Sacco

Engineer Peter Njoroge of SGS addressing truckers


Eng. peter Njoroge urged all of us to be patriotic and help in preserving our roads by carrying the required weight. Eng. Onsongo of axle load control (KeNHA) has always insisted that it is for our good not to overload. This has not come as a surprise to many truckers since overloading has had negative effect on our businesses. Overloading causes tear and wear, which takes away all the profit we think we are making. It also causes damage to our roads which in turn causes wear and tear to our trucks.

KeNHA Truckers Sacco

Members of Truckers Sacco listen carefully during KeNHA Truckers Sacco Training






KeNHA Truckers Sacco

Mr Omanyo weighbridge manager Juja address truckers during KeNHA Truckers Sacco training

We congratulate all these ladies and gentlemen for bringing sanity to the trucking industry and urge all those that has not joined us to do. More so, the axle load control unit lead by Eng Muita have brought about even competition and has given us an avenue for communicating with the government. Plans are underway to get into an agreement with NTSA and support them in making our roads safer.



I also recognize our counterpart Sacco who we are working together and who had come to be with us at the training. Thanks big. God bless Truckers, God bless Kenya.

KeNHA Truckers Sacco self regulating program

KeNHA Truckers Sacco sticker

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  1. philip says:

    Hi truckers I’m very happy about your service yes I believe we can make it however are you registered under SASRA just to ask

    • Hi Raj, Your question is not very clear but I assume you wanted to know the benefit of being registered with KeNHA as self regulating Sacco. When a Sacco registers with KeNHA, they agree to comply with axle load regulations, therefore the members benefit from this partnership.

  2. Benn Odiyo says:

    This is very encouraging, especially the meeting we had yesterday with KENHA officials, I feel we should develop a data for all trucks under this organization so that same can be used to engage KENHA team whenever there is any problem.

  3. jaybee says:

    I am currently located in the Uk and would like to know if I could invest. What are returns, could I get a breakdown. Another question is, if I buy a haulage truck, can I lease it to you and what kind split would we be looking at?

    Love what you guys are doing…


    • Yes you can invest, we will add you to our investment contact list so that you will know when we are open to investors. About the haulage truck we may not be in need of one at the moment.

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