Excavations work in progress

We provide transport and clearing services for road construction and general construction by providing equipment on hire.

We also do excavation and dumping operations where clearing of building site foundation or basement is required.

Excavation is uncovering (something) by digging away and removing the earth that covers it. Remove (soil, earth, etc) by digging. If you like it, you can call us excavation contractors.

We carry out excavations such as ground excavation, archaeological excavation, bulk excavation, trench excavations, rock excavation, land excavation, trenching and excavation and also do shoring for excavation but for the contracted projects only.

We calculate excavation costs carefully and accurately to be able to give you competitive prizes, do perfect work and enable you to do proper planning.

The excavation process has many excavation hazards, safety excavation techniques must therefore be considered in the excavation plan. Our staff has the necessary excavation safety training according to the excavation safety guide

Excavations are often associated with archaeological exploration. Archaeologists hire our services of digging using the excavator and removing all unwanted soil using tipper trucks.


An excavator loading a dump truck

Our excavation services also apply where one is laying a foundation of a house but the has black cotton soil which cannot support the foundation, or when laying a foundation of a house with basements.

Usually we dig and remove all the black cotton soil and and throw it away. We also collect any unwanted soil /material and transport it to the desired location.

This is commonly known as “dumping” or “Escavation”  we however acknowledge that the actual dumping is illegal and are committed to environmental conservation.

The mining industry can also hire our services of removing the top layer soil in their sites until the minerals are arrived at.

If you do not wish to engage us fully, then you can get our trucks for hire. Contact us by the mobile phone numbers provided above, through facebook, twitter, fill the inquiry form below or visit our offices, for quotations or job assignments