Truck fractional ownership

Truck fractional ownership

Own pat of this Excavator

Truckers Kenya is giving you the opportunity to own this equipment through a fractional ownership

It is interesting how times have changed in the last century. In that one century, man has moved from the age of studying birds in flight in order to learn how to fly, to having commercial flights into space. From the marvels of travelling around the world in eighty days one can now do so in a matter of hours. This does not take into account, developments in the other areas of the communication sector.

Investing in a truck was unheard of by most people in Kenya in the early 1900s. Nowadays investing in a truck means co-ownership with a bank or financier for the time of loan repayment. As in all things, it is now time to move on and bring onto the stage, a new and innovative method of investing in a truck and ripping the profits without the hassle of operating one.

Own a truck

Truck part ownership

Partly own this tipper with as little as Ksh 10,000

Truckers Kenya is now giving you the opportunity to own a truck through a fractional ownership arrangement. Fractional ownership or part ownership is percentage ownership in an asset. It has commonly been used for expensive assets such as aircraft, sports cars and vacation properties.

Fractional ownership shares in the asset are sold to individual shareholders who share the benefits of the asset, this means that every time the vehicle you have invested in goes for a job, you have a fraction of the profit based on your investment. Unlike the other traditional ways of fractional ownership, Truckers Kenya retains the management rights. The role of the part owners will be to market their assets, as professionals do the management and hence be able to

Name the truck/ equipment and we got it!

Name the truck/ equipment and we got it!

enjoy huge returns earned. For more details about part ownership of truck/ equipment follow the link

Having purchased a truck you can now enjoy all the benefits of being a truck owner. This means you can also join Truckers Sacco. Follow this link for more details on how to join

Currently, where groups own and operate trucks, most of them fail due to the challenges associated with truck operation. A fractional owner with Truckers Kenya need not face such challenges.

It is the high time you acquire that asset you have always wanted without having to wait until you save millions. You can have it today with the cash you have at hand!

The future in trucking is here!!

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  1. peter says:

    good idea offering alternative investment opportunities .Is it possible to email me a pre existing case with details of investmemt and returns

  2. Jankett Investments says:

    I just purchased a Isuzu FRR and would like to lease it to you through the programme you explained in the website. May i kindly know returns per day

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