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The Truckers savings and credit co-operative society limited was registered in 2012 by general transporters to organize and promote the welfare and economic interests of its members.



To be a Sacco of your choice

To transform our members economically by promoting a saving culture, inclusivity and innovation.


  • Honesty
  • Accountability
  • Accuracy
  • Dependability
  • Integrity
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We invite you all to join hands with us, growing together in Truckers SACCO, promoting our economic interests through the common pool and jointly address challenges affecting us by saving, investing, as well as borrowing money when the need arises.

We promote teamwork taking advantage of the power of many to create, grow and maintain wealth for our members through our workable investment plans. By only being our member, you will enjoy the huge returns in the transport industry while enjoying cheap loans and investment opportunity without necessarily owning a truck or equipment.

For the truck owners, we have made your life easy by offering you an opportunity to bring your truck to us, we run it for you while you sit back and enjoy your returns as the professionals do what they know best. For those that insist on running their trucks, we offer cheap but genuine parts for your truck and cheap loans at your disposal for the rainy day.

We visualize a united happy successful truckers family with a culture of saving & investing having availed to them loans at the best terms and rates in the marke therefore making Truckers the Sacco your Sacco of choice

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The Kenya Sacco sub-sector is at its peak.  The total Sacco Sub-sector was worth Shs 210 billion in 2010 while deposit taking Sacco’s had about Shs. 171 billion of this amount.

A single hand cannot kill a flea

In union there is strength



  • Members enjoy cheap loans at 1% reducing balance per month.
  • Those who do not own trucks have an opportunity of owning trucks /equipment through our products and enjoy the huge returns without having to go through the hustle of running the trucks
  • Truckers enjoy huge discounts in spare parts, truck sourcing, jobs procuring, negotiating power, trucks management and other advantages of large scale.
  • Transporters are also enjoying load tolerance from the agreement that Truckers Sacco has entered into with KeNHA. Read more here about Truckers Sacco/KeNHA self regulating programme….
  • Truckers Sacco negotiates for fairer prices for members and extends credit to credible members. Be it a worn out tire that gives you and your driver sleepless nights or that engine, service parts or any truck consumables, you have your worries covered with Truckers Sacco. As you will realize, such needs are quite frequent within the transport industry . As a result, absence of a source of quick funds can lead to serious losses and interruption of business."<yoastmark

Unity is strength, so they say. When we are together we shall be able to fight for our rights and be able to advertise our products and services together. Our voice can be heard by the government when we speak as one and hence our challenges will be urgently addressed. The Sacco benefits active members registered under it. It is not only a credit and debit society like any other, but its also an investment platform and a forum for members to share ideas and experiences as well as utilize the different unique talents and professions, by addressing their common problems and coming up with solutions which are of benefit to them and their clients.

For debit and credit, cooperative laws apply.


Truckers Sacco certified

Truckers Sacco certified

Every applicant for membership shall complete and return an “application for membership” form acquired from Truckers Sacco offices.

An applicant shall be admitted to membership upon payment of an entrance fee of Kshs 1,000/= as well as minimum shares of Ksh 3,000/=.  Entrance fee shall not be refundable.


The minimum deposit contribution shall be as follows;

Affiliate members 250/= per week or Ksh 1,000/= per month

  • Truck operators shall contribute 200 per day and Ksh 500 for sticker every quarter.

(i) Contributions by members shall be on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

(ii) Acceptable modes of contribution;

  • Direct Banking into the SACCO’s Bank Account; Name: Truckers Sacco, Co-operative Bank TRM branch, 01100575196000
  • Bank Standing Orders placed in favor of the SACCO
  • Bank Transfers
  • MPESA Money Transfer Service to Paybill no 932236 and your membership no or ID No as the account no.
    No man is an Island

    Don’t break your back! Many hands make work light.

Easy Pay plan

For members who find raising the entrance fee/Shares a challenge, they can pay entrance fee of Kshs 1,000/= and minimum shares of Ksh 3,000/=  within five months while they continue to contribute the minimum monthly contribution. They will therefore contribute Ksh 1,800/month; Ksh 1,000 being minimum monthly contribution and Ksh 800 * 5 months being entrance fee + Minimum shares.

NB; No one can qualify for a loan without having fully paid the minimum shares and the entrance fee, having shown a consistency in monthly savings/contributions.


Truckers SACCO has a provision for people who want to save some cash which can be withdrawn without having to take a loan. One ensures that receipts are issued for the intended purposes.

Come and experience with us the warmth of togetherness, you have no reason not to!

Decide how much you borrow, by the much you save.

The future in trucking is here….