Truckers Support

Truckers Support

Gear Breakdown

Truckers Support

All truck owners have a reason to smile because they now can enjoy the support they have never had. Breakdowns, worn out tires, and middlemen can easily keep you out of business. Truckers Kenya is here to give you that support and the share holders will enjoy 100% credit.

Technical support

Truckers Kenya supplies members with mechanical and electrical  parts and information. Part of this support is already available. This includes the new required digital speed governors with inbuilt tracking  device, tyres size 315-22.5  and engine computer units(ECU) for Isuzu 6WA1.

Financial Support

Truckers will get all the financial support through Truckers Sacco, a cooperative society that belongs to Truckers.


Truckers Kenya sources jobs on behalf of members and distribute  them. The company has come up with smooth payment methods to ensure all payments are made efficiently. This will reduce cases of fraud by middlemen


For one to qualify for shares purchase in Truckers Kenya, they need to be truck owners and be active members of Truckers Sacco. For more details on how to join Truckers Sacco click here….

Goals and achievements

so far the company has three major achievements i.e stocking tires for members use, installation of  the required digital speed governors for heavy commercial vehicles and PSV’s, availing tracking devices specially designed for trucks (24V) and  truck computer diagnosing and repair. We have also been able to source and allocate jobs to our members.

We are working on availing spare parts, particularly engines, engine oil and filters.


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  1. LEAH MUCHINA says:

    Well done. I look forward to join you. I have had sleepless night because of my vehicle and you are my solution

  2. Samantha S says:

    I have gone through this article, stating that whatever mentioned in this was substantial to me as a construction consultant, and I have received the necessary information I was searching for. For more information on different aspects of construction materials, one must research on the best raw materials for construction, such as marine plywood and trucks in Kenya.

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