Trucks For Sale

Trucks For Sale in good condition. We shall give you customer support

Trucks for sale available at affordable prices.

For sale or purchase of  any trucks, you can contact us with detailed information about the truck. If you want to sell, you are required t o provide a copy of the logbook and recent photos of the truck to our offices or email it to us . We sell trucks from members and non-members through our large network of truckers. 

Trucks For Sale are available ranging from 1 tonne and above. Get yourself a truck from us at reasonable price and enjoy our guarantee and customer support.

Being truck owners, those that buy from us will enjoy customer support by availing any needed spares and technical assistance.

You will have an opportunity of installing our tracking services especially designed for trucks.

All members of truckers Sacco will enjoy being assigned jobs almost full time.

All information about the truck and how to care for them will be available to our customers.

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Isuzu CXZ Tipper on sale  click on the link for more information